About Fairies Away!

Fairies Away is a company providing magical Solutions to modern day parenting issues. The Fairies Away stories and products capture your child’s imagination whilst engaging them in a world of magic and wonder.
The first book in the Fairies Away series is "The story of the Dummy Fairies" which has been crafted and designed to provide parents with a stress free way of getting rid of the dummy, whilst providing a easy strategy for the parent and child to follow.
Welcome to the Fairy Portal and adventure with us through our magical fairy books and products.
Lisa Bonner
"Fairy Director"
Mother of 3 young daughters, Lisa wrote the story of the Dummy Fairies for her first daughter after struggling to persuade her to get rid of her precious dummies any other way. Lisa is currently chatting to the fairies about other books for the Fairies Away series so keep posted for new titles!
Dan Wolfe
Dan Wolfe
"Creative Fairy Director"
Illustrator, artist, designer and font of all knowledge. When Dan isn't capturing fairies to draw he is designing grown up t-shirts and doing clever things with graphic design. To see Dan's products for big people head to www.doodledojo.co.uk