The Dummy Fairy

The thought of getting rid of the dummy can be a daunting one for most parents, but don't worry the thought of this process is usually far worse than the reality and for the tough moments, we are on hand to help! 
  • Our first tip would definitely be to start thinking about limiting the dummy time now. You can start slowly, ideally getting to the point where a dummy is only available at bed/nap times. In most cases this is a gradual process and it’s important your child knows that you are not expecting them to just hand their dummy over but that this is a journey that you are on together. Love, support & reassurance is key - have some favourite distractions at hand for the harder times but stay firm in your convictions. Remember to reinforce your belief in them and don’t let little set backs make you take your eyes off the end goal!
  • Tip 2 is to start preparing yourselves mentally for what’s going to happen. However you choose to remove the dummies, it’s important your child knows what is going to happen and why! Think about it - if someone asked you to give up something you love, the very least you would want to know was WHY?  The Story of the Dummy Fairies can help you tackle all of this and explains perfectly why they need to give their dummies back. Remember to keep reinforcing your belief in them and remember the fairies always have your back!
  • Tip 3 is to reinforce how grown up they are getting - Words are powerful tools and the more they hear it, the more they will believe it. Remind them of all the big things they can already do and like other times, you are on hand to teach them and hold their hand when they need it. Knowing that they are fully supported and they are not alone can make a big difference, if you believe it, you can do it!
  • Tip 4 is to prepare some loved distractions now. In the bad moments you will welcome some favourite toys, games, activities or even snacks that are close to hand and can break the mood, distracting them from what they are missing! Having a bag of tricks ready now will help you be able to turn bad moods around quickly and be a sanity saver for you too! 
  • Tip 5 is it’s normal for your child to mourn for their dummies and crying about giving up their dummies is ok. Remember this has been a life long companion for them and saying goodbye to something you love can be tough. In the sad times, remind them of what an awesome thing it is they have done, comfort their loss and let them say goodbye.
  • Our final tip for you on this subject, is to remember that this is your journey too. You and your child are doing this together and there will be some changes for you both - but with a bit of fairy help, it will be on wards and upwards from here on in!


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Dummy Recycling: To RECYCLE your dummy's and bottles, you can now send them to La Romi, 55 Bendon Valley, Unit B246, London, SW18 4LZ. Unfortunately pre paid postage is not available for this service at the moment and if you do need to contact them, you can email directly to

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